Those who dream. Those who create and those who believe. Helping them make a difference inspires us.

Color inspires us. Colors we encounter on the street. Nature and colorful scenery. Invigorated, vibrant color.

Beauty inspires us. Beauty that is effortless and true. Beauty that radiates naturally from within.

Talent inspires us. Where creativity meets passion. The courage to think outside of the box.

Everything inspires us. The world we live in inspires us. The constant changes, customs and cultures.

But, above all, people inspire us to be our best.




The best beauty ritual for nourished, healthy and eternally beautiful hair.

Looking beyond those products that simply care for and beautify us, is a flow towards Conscious Beauty. And in that moment, the will to safeguard our own health and that of the planet come together and help sustain a common future.

TEKNIA is the challenge






To achieve the finest results, Milbon offers a unique hair care cycle that kicks off with a stylist consultation and a personalized, in-salon deep-conditioning treatment. While professional application yields unparalleled results that cannot be replicated outside the salon, corresponding homecare products are designed to optimize and maintain the salon finish for up to 5 weeks.

With our 5-week regimen, every day begins with beautiful hair.

Versatile, professional straightening and smoothing system. This non-formaldehyde, thio-based solution allows for a variety of finishes from sleek to smooth and can be used for permanent straightening services - aka Japanese straightening - as well as less permanent smoothing services.

Thermal Straightening

Keratin Treatment


Keratin Smoothing renews and transforms all hair types into silky, soft, shiny hair for days, weeks or months; depending on the product or formula. Many treatments offer varying degrees of curl reduction.


Babe 100% human hair is being used by salons and stylists all over the world for its ability to maintain a radiant and smooth texture without using synthetic coatings like silicone. Equally important to stylists is the attachment method. No heat, glue or chemical, means no mess or damage to the client's hair.

Salon professionals worldwide are choosing the exclusive ultra-thin adhesive extension system hairtalk®. The superior quality Remy human hair coupled with hairtalk’s selection of non-damaging, hypoallergenic adhesive bands result in discreet and comfortable hair extensions that blend flawlessly and invisibly with natural hair.

No Heat, No tools. No Damage. Fabulous Hair in 1 hour or less.

DREAMCATCHERS • Micro-cylinder™ technology: clean, easy and non-damaging. Our system is incredibly simple and efficient. Client time in chair is two hours for a full head application and return adjustment visits are approximately one hour. The clients’ own hair and extensions will look and feel amazing, healthy and gorgeous.